Info-tech Disaster Advisory Service

Reactive Response and Proactive Crisis Avoidance

Trusted Executive Advisor When Info-Tech Disaster Strikes.


  • When the Pentagon attack at 9/11 hit the heart of US Military communications, they chose me to lead the communications recovery Tiger Team.
  • We responded similarly, when attackers hit US Stock Markets with a distributed denial of service, DDOS.
  • Joint Chiefs and Army G2 asked me to deploy our team with troops to Iraq and Afghanistan to resolve problems with biometrics intelligence applications key to finding insurgents and enabling base access throughout CENTCOM's area of responsibility AOR.
  • Finance, Insurance, Energy, Healthcare and dozens of the F500 asked me to lead critical problem resolution where thousands of users and complete corporations could not operate for days affecting revenue, operations and customer deliveries.
  • Government and organizations with mission-critical applications in peril extending their life through optimization.
  • Red Adair puts out oil well fires - our work puts out or prevents Info-Tech fires.
  • CEO's know experienced results matter in a crisis.
  • Lessons learned applied from experience avoids future crisis.

Advisory Services to Prevent and Put Out Info-Tech Fires


Experience. Insight. Results.


Advisory Services

Experienced Guidance


Crisis Avoidance

Proactively Obviate Problems


Tiger Team Leadership

Rapid Root Cause Diagnosis and Restoral

Pentagon 9/11 Case study


"Bill Alderson and team are the “best-of-the best”. I have been in the business of managing large complex IT Network Infrastructures most of my career. Whenever we had serious problems or we just needed to further optimize network performance for complex applications. They would always get the job done and network performance would always significantly increase – problems would be clearly identified, recommendations for corrective action would be provided and implemented. This was exactly the sequence of events that occurred in the Pentagon after 9/11 and with the Joint Chiefs of Staff - both of which had complex mission critical applications and network infrastructure.

I would strongly recommend to any CIO for assistance in network and application optimization as well as design, development, and implementation. To my knowledge – no one does it better."

FRED BUDD, Dir. Pentagon Communications at 9/11

"I can think of no one more qualified in Network troubleshooting and training when it comes to Bill. Especially in the fields of network and security analysis. I have witnessed him solve issues that the big 5 couldn’t even touch."


"I've had the pleasure of learning from Bill since 1996 when I took my first class from him to just like week when I took a refresher class. His classes are unique because of his real world, hands on experience as one of the world's leading troubleshooters of elusive IT problems."


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